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Hazardous Materials  

Household hazardous wastes are materials used in your home
that can put your family, pets, and the environment at risk

What is hazardous? Read the label on products you consider buying.

Hazardous products have at least one of these properties:

  • Toxic: Poisonous or causes long-term illness.
  • Flammable: Burns easily.
  • Corrosive: Eats through materials.
  • Reactive: Can explode.

Try to avoid purchasing these products.

If you end up with hazardous materials, dispose of them properly. Here are resources on how to handle materials locally:


Chemicals that accidentally combine can be a serious hazard to you and the collection workers.

  • Do not mix chemicals; keep them packed separately.
  • Pack carefully to prevent spillage or breakage.
  • Keep chemicals in their original containers whenever possible.
  • Transport chemicals in the trunk of your vehicle.

For More Information, visit King County's Local Hazardous Waste Management site at: http://www.govlink.org/hazwaste


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