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Composting in Your Yard  

Tukwila residents can sign up for yard waste collection at your home through Waste Management. Some residents, however, want to use yard waste and fruit/vegetable scraps to make compost, which is a useful soil amendment for your garden.

Compost is an essential ingredient in healthy soil and organic gardens. Compost helps promote plant growth, aerates gardens and binds soil to resist erosion. Compost can be mixed in different parts of the yard including lawn, gardens and plant pots.

Composting Resources:

For more detailed information about the benefits of composting, and recipes to make compost visit the following sites.


Tukwila Compost Demonstration Garden

Visit the City of Tukwila’s new compost demonstration site adjacent to the Gully Gardens P-Patch at Riverton Park, 12535 50th Place S., Tukwila to see composting in action and to learn more about making and using compost.


Choosing a worm bin or compost bin

There are two main ways to make compost: 1) by letting yard waste break down or 2) feeding fruit and vegetable waste to worms. Setting up a compost or worm bin is easy, with a few simple steps. Choose the type compost bin or worm bin that best fits your needs.

Typically, compost bins are used for yard waste only, while worm bins can be used to compost fruit and vegetable scraps (No meat, no fish, no dairy.) You will need a rodent-proof bin. Visit these sites to help you decide which type of bin to build or purchase:


Compost Bins for yard waste


Worm bins for fruit/vegetable waste (No meat, No fish, No dairy)


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