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Tukwila Trails  

Trail locations can also be viewed in our Facilities Guide/Map.

Duwamish Green River Trail

Major Feature/Location Heading North Facilities at each Location Distance between sites Total Mileage
Kent/Tukwila Boundary Rest Area Bench, litter receptacle, sign 0 0
Wooden Foot Bridge Wooden bridge over Green River .7 .7
South 180th Street Parking, portable toilet at Home Depot trail park area .4 1.1
Maple Tree 2 tables, litter receptacle .2 1.3
P-17 Retention Pond 4 tables, 1 bench, litter receptacle, bird and duck viewing, large pond, fitness equipment .3 1.6
City Shops 2 tables .25 1.85
Strander Boulevard - south of bridge Cinder trail begins, 5 tables, litter receptacle, 1 bike rack .5 2.35
Bicentennial Park Log cabin, restroom, play apparatus, drinking fountain, parking, 6 tables, 2 litter receptacles, 1 bench, grass play area .1 2.45
Picnic area by Riverview Plaza office buildings, trail divides into upper and lower trails at Christensen Road 8 tables, 4 litter receptacles, open rough grass, trees .35 2.8
Texaco Station, near I-405 2 picnic tables, parking stalls, private restroom at station .2 3.0
Fort Dent Way - Dental Office Future T-intersection to Interurban Trail - bench .48 3.48
Fort Dent entrance, north side of bridge Bridge over river .75 4.23
North end of Fort Dent Foot Bridge Fort Dent Park (King County) .41 4.64
Riverside Inn (Interurban Avenue) Sidewalk and path, private restroom .48 5.12
Foster Golf Links Parking Lot Entrance Restrooms, golf course .64 5.76
48th Avenue Mini Park North of I-5 Parking and picnic table .83 6.59
42nd Avenue Bridge at Interurban Pathway connection to TCC restrooms .89 7.48
East Marginal Way Highway 99 - trail ends .28 7.76

Total length of trail as of 3/1/98 = 7.76 miles

Future Connections:

Under Hwy. 99 to King County North Wind Weir Park Restroom, parking .35 8.11
NorthWind Weir Park to City's north boundary Trail continues to King County and into Seattle .9 9.01

Total length of trail in Tukwila when all sections are completed = 9.01 miles

Additional Trail Sections:

Railroad tracks on south 180th Street to Wooden Foot Bridge Trail from tracks to wooden bridge .15  
Parking area at SR-181 500 ft South of 180th to Wooden Bridge 6 stall parking area to wooden bridge .3  


Interurban Trail

The trail is completed from the City of Pacific to I-405 in Tukwila. Future sections will complete the trail under I-405 over the Green River where it will connect to the Duwamish/Green River Trail. There are no public restrooms along the trail nor are any planned in the future. There are several private businesses that trail users could visit, such as the Embassy Suites Hotel, Hampton Inn Hotel or the Family Fun Center.

Location Distances in Miles Total Miles
180th to Strander Boulevard 1.2 1.2
Strander Boulevard to I-405 .5 1.7
I-405 to River Trail (future) .7 2.4

Interurban Trail distance in Tukwila  = 2.4 miles

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