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Permits and Fees

A1 Public Works Permits and Fees Summarizes Public Works permits.
A2 Type C Permit Fee Estimate Provides a method to estimate Type C permit fees.
A3 Pavement Mitigation & Transportation Impact Fees Summarizes fees and provides information to estimate fees.
A4 Right-of-way Permit Application Summarizes Public Works' application requirements for permitting activities in the right-of-way.
A5 Temporary Water Meter Provides the Public Works conditions to rent a temporary water meter.
A6 Pavement Restoration Summarizes restoration of any disturbed public street or right-of-way, with typical examples.
A7 Flood Control Zone Permit Summarizes processes and submittals for Flood Control Zone permits (FCZP).
  FEMA Related Documents:  
  •  Elevation Certificate and Instructions  
  •  Elevation Certificate Form  
  •  FloodProofing Certificate  
A8 Allentown Flood Control Zone Includes Policy 2000-01 and flood prone area boundaries.
A9 Cross Connection Control Includes Policy 99-01 regarding backflow preventionprogram. See also Bulletin C5.



B1 Public Works Plan Submittal Guidelines Summarizes Public Works permit plan submittal requirements.
B2 Standard Construction Plan Notes Provides standard construction plan notes.
B4 Geotechnical Report Guidelines Defines when the City requires a geotechnical investigation and report, defines geotechnical engineer and spells out the order and content for a geotechnical report.



C1 Single Family Residence Plans Summarizes the Public Works application processes and submittal requirements for new single family residences.
C2 Roof Downspout Controls Explains when Public Works reviews roof downspouts for a development.
C3 Erosion Prevention Summarizes erosion prevention and sediment control. The standard is Appendix D of the King County Surface Water Design Manual.
C4 EPA Falling Head Test Procedure Directions to determine the percolation rate for soils on a site.
C5 Cross Connection Control Summarizes the Public Work program to upgrade cross connection on domestic water, fire lines and irrigation to protect the public water supply. See also Bulletin A9.
C6 Septic Tank Abandonment Summarizes process and methods to abandon a septic tank.
C7 Grease Interceptor Summarizes Public Works standards for grease interceptors.
C8 Fire Hydrants Summarizes Public Works standards and provides references for the Fire Department standards.



D1 Street Vacation Contains application and process description for changing ownership of right-of-way from public to private.
D2 Not Available  
D3 Turnover Process Summarizes process and describes required submittals to turnover privately constructed infrastructure to the City.

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