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Crime Prevention Resource Team  

Night Out Against Crime

Each year, hundreds of Tukwila residents join their neighbors in celebrating an evening of fun while sending the message to criminals that they are not welcome in Tukwila!

NNO is an annual event celebrated across the U.S., Canada and military installations. The evening is set-aside for residents to come together to meet one another and share crime prevention tips. Tukwila Police and Fire Departments as well as City Council members, Code Enforcement officers and Tukwila Human Services representatives visit each neighborhood event that "registers" their event.

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Night Out Against Crime Poster Contest Winners

2014 was the third year for the Tukwila’s Night Out Against Crime poster contest, with all 5th grade classes in the school district invited to participate. The winning posters were announced at the D.A.R.E. graduation held on April 28, and the winners presented their posters to the City Council at its July 7th meeting.

This year’s theme was “Rising up to make crime back down”. The theme – and the poster boards for the students’ use - were provided by the Tukwila Police Department. The contest was held a little earlier this year, to keep it from interfering with other end-of-the-school-year events.

Thanks to generous donations from the Tukwila Police Guild, Target store, and the Family Fun Center, there were four 2014 winners:

(Click for larger image)

1st Place: Dylan Mahler - Thorndyke Elementary (pictured middle-left)
2nd Place: Tony Azares - Tukwila Elementary
3rd Place: Jason Ly - Thorndyke Elementary (pictured middle-right)
4th Place: Anastasiya Shapiro - Cascade View Elementary

A large “thank you” goes to all the officers and non-commissioned PD personnel who helped make this event possible!


Crime Prevention Tips & Tools


Services That We Provide:

•  Citizens' Police Academy

See our Citizens' Police Academy page for scheduled session and application.

•  Home, apartment and business security surveys

We come out and meet you at your location and walk through the property and (if you wish) building to provide suggestions for improving resistance to burglary and other criminal activity

•  Support for the Crime Free Multi-Housing program

See below for additional information on this International program.

•  Crime prevention presentations for your community group or business

Is there a crime prevention or personal safety topic you would like to see addressed at your workplace or community group? We are able to attend a meeting and give a presentation on a topic of your choice.

•  Staff to attend community meetings regarding policing or crime prevention topics

If your neighborhood or business group has questions about crime prevention and would like us to attend to answer questions or speak at the meeting we can do that.

•  Assist with set-up and support of Neighborhood and Business Watch groups

If you are looking to start a new Block Watch, revitalize an existing one, or would like additional information to provide to your neighborhood or business watch group give us a call.
See below for information on the Crime Prevention classes offered free of charge and tailored for Neighborhood watch groups

•  Crime Prevention materials available on request include:

  • Identity theft prevention
  • Avoiding road rage
  • Getting to your car safely
  • Internet Safety agreements for families with children
  • Interactive game to teach safety to younger children
  • Safe shopping tips
  • Burglary prevention
  • Garage Sale safety tips
  • How to start a neighborhood watch
  • Sexual Assault prevention
  • Pros and cons of carrying weapons

Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

The TUKWILA CRIME FREE MULTI-HOUSING PROGRAM was designed to help tenants, owners, and the managers of rental property keep drugs and other illegal activity off their property.

This program is honest and direct. It is solution oriented and proven to be effective. It is designed to be easy, yet effective in reducing the incident of crime in rental property.

The program utilizes a unique three-part approach, which ensures the crime prevention goal, while maintaining an approach which is very tenant-friendly.

Phase One involves an eight-hour landlord training seminar presented by the police department. Phase Two will certify that the rental property has met the security requirements for the tenants' safety. In Phase Three, a tenant crime prevention meeting will be conducted for full certification, and the managers will be granted the use of large metal signs for display on the property. The management will also be granted the use of the program logo in all advertisements. Current Crime Free Multi-Housing Certified properties are:

  • Pyramid Pointe Apartments
  • Riverton Ridge Apartments
  • San Juan South Apartments

A certified CFMH property can be identified by this sign posted near the driveway:


Block Watch Program

Block Watch is the corner stone of community involvement. Not only does it prevent and detect crime, but it is the essence of neighbor helping neighbor in the most positive of ways. Don't know the family across the street and two doors down? Start or join a block watch...let the fun begin!


For information about these or other Crime Prevention Programs, please contact our Chris Partman, Community Policing Coordinator, at 206 431-2197, c.partman@tukwilawa.gov


Contact Information:

Tukwila Police Department
6200 Southcenter Blvd.
Tukwila, WA 98188

Business Calls: 206 433-1808
Anonymous Tips: 206 431-3689
Fax: 206 244-6181
Emergencies: Dial 911

Email the Police Dept.