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Equity and Diversity Commission  


In 1987, the Tukwila School District recognized the increasing diversity of its students, and formed the Equity Task Force to examine policies and curriculum and provide staff training.

As the City of Tukwila became more involved in the task force, the participants felt it was time for the task force to become a recognized partnership between the School District and the City.

This recognized partnership resulted in the Tukwila Equity and Diversity Commission which was created by City Resolution No. 1369 on December 16, 1996, and later formalized by City Ordinance No. 1828 on February 2, 1998.


To promote understanding that accepts, celebrates, and appreciates cultural diversity within the community;

To serve as a resource for the community by providing information and educational forums that will facilitate a better understanding and acceptance of cultural differences; and

To provide recommendations to the Mayor, City Council, and School Board that would identify opportunities to address cultural diversity issues or promote cultural diversity programs.


The nine-member Commission consists of representation from the City of Tukwila, Tukwila School District, and the residential and business communities.

View the list of current commission members


In 1998 and 1999, the Equity and Diversity Commission sponsored free bus transportation to the annual Tukwila Days Community Festival in order to encourage attendance from Tukwila's many diverse neighborhoods.

In 2001, the Commission produced the Tukwila Community Access Guide containing information translated in seven languages on how to access local services.

The Commission has sponsored and participated in:

  • Study Circle Dialogues
  • The Tribes Performances
  • Living Voices
  • Albert Mensah, Speaker
  • Mawi Asegdom, Author
  • Martin Luther King Day Celebrations
  • Community Race Forums
  • Citizenship Classes
  • Virtues Project Training
  • Foster High School Multi-Cultural Action Committee (MAC)
  • World Relief's Walk In My Shoes: The Refugee Project


The Commission meets the first Thursday of each month at 5:15 p.m. at Tukwila City Hall (6200 Southcenter Boulevard) in Conference Room No 3. Meetings are open to the public.

The Tukwila Pledge

I believe that every person has worth as an individual;

I believe that every person is entitled to dignity and respect;

I believe that every thought and every act of prejudice is harmful; if it is my thought or act, then it is harmful to me as well as to others;

Therefore, from this day forward, I will strive daily to eliminate prejudice from my thoughts and actions;

I will discourage prejudice by others at every opportunity; and

I will treat all people with dignity and respect; and I will strive daily to honor this pledge knowing that the world will be a better place because of my effort.

Adopted February 1, 2001

•  Equity & Diversity Commission Request For Financial Assistance


City of Tukwila
Equity & Diversity Commission
6200 Southcenter Boulevard
Tukwila, Washington 98188


Contact Information:

Tukwila City Hall
6200 Southcenter Blvd.
Tukwila, WA 98188-2544

Phone: 206 433-1800
Fax: 206 433-1833
Hours: 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Email the Mayor's Office.