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How Do I?...  

The How Do I? section lists the most commonly asked questions for finding information on the City's Website. If you are unable to find an answer here to guide you to the information you are looking for, please contact the City's Webmaster for assistance.

Building and Planning

... Apply for a permit?

... Find bid results and tabulations.

... Schedule an inspection.

... Find the assessed value of my home.

... Contact code enforcement?

... Find out about capital improvement projects?

... Find out about construction activity and project status?

Business and Community

... Apply for a business license?

... Apply for a marriage license?

... Apply for a Public Records Request?

... Find the Community Access Guide for new residents?

... Become a volunteer?

... Register to vote?

... Get a library card?

... Get a dog or cat license?

... Submit a question / complaint / suggestion?

... Get a copy of the Tukwila Recreation Guide?

... Get a copy of the Hazelnut Newsletter?

... Find local parks?

... Rent out a room at the Tukwila Community Center?

... Sign up for recreation classes?

... Contact the school district?

... Find the closest dump and recycling station?

... Find out if there is a burn ban on?

City Council and Administration

... Address the City Council?

All of our Council meetings, including committee meetings, are open to the public. Near the beginning of each Council meeting, time is set aside for citizen comments, when anyone may address the Council on items not listed on the agenda. Please realize that the Council may not be able to take immediate action on your comments until they are referred to a committee. The only meetings which are not open to the public are Executive Sessions, where confidential matters such as the purchase of land, legal issues and personnel issues are discussed.

... Find Council agendas and minutes?

... Contact my City Council members?

... Apply for a job?

... Apply for city boards and commissions?

... Look up topics in the Tukwila Municipal Code?

... Get to City Hall?

Municipal Court

... Check the status of jury duty?

... Pay court fines?

... Find my court date?


... Apply for a Public Records Request?

Public Works

... Get a Water Quality Report?

... Find the water pressure in my building?

... Find my water meter?

... Answer questions/problems with my septic system?

... Find out which sewer service area I live in?

... Fix plugged storm drains in the front or back of my home?

... Resolve flooding in my lot due to runoff from the street or another lot?

... Report a signal light or street light problem?

Demographics and Statistics

... Find the current sales tax in Tukwila?

... Find general demographic information about Tukwila?


Contact Information:

Tukwila City Hall
6200 Southcenter Blvd.
Tukwila, WA 98188-2544

Phone: 206 433-1800
Fax: 206 433-1833
Hours: 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Email City Hall