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Tukwila Fire Training Division  

"Training Firefighters to Embrace the Future"


The Training Division of the Tukwila Fire Department consists of two personnel, a Battalion Chief and a Lieutenant, with administrative support from department secretarial staff. The division coordinates all internal and external training received by the 66 uniformed and civilian personnel of the department. The division also oversees and coordinates the various aspects of the department's Safety Program. In addition, the division has oversight of the acquisition and maintenance of Safety and Emergency equipment.

Over the last three years, the department has averaged 10,639 hours of aggregate training for all members. Excluding secretarial staff, this works out to 169 hours per member, per year. This training covers a wide range of topics: safety, fire suppression (all types), emergency medical, hazardous materials, special rescue (many disciplines), fire inspections, employment relations, and other miscellaneous topics.

Tukwila Fire Training is affiliated with both the King County Fire Training Officer Association and the Zone 3 Training Officer's group.


Safety Training Program

TFD Training Division conducts safety training, accident prevention education and accident review & investigation. The Training BC is the designated department Health and Safety Officer.

Safety training includes:

  • Indoctrination and initial safety orientation for new employees.
  • Monthly shift safety meetings.
  • TFD Safety Committee meetings each month to review the shift meetings and other department safety issues.
  • Review of Safety issues raised at Post Incident Analyses.
  • Training of proper use of department tools and equipment.
  • Annual hearing exams and hearing information.
  • Safety as a component of all manipulative drills.

Accident prevention education includes:

  • Emergency Vehicle Accident Prevention.
  • Monthly safety training after shift safety meetings.
  • Training concerning safety related items as they may occur.
  • System of reporting and reviewing "Close Calls".
  • "Safety Concerns" reporting process.
  • Monthly Station Safety Inspections

Accident review and investigation includes:

  • Assures Accident Investigations are conducted for any time-loss incident.
  • Monthly review of TFD accidents and injuries with recommendations concerning follow-up actions as deemed necessary by the Safety Committee.
  • Attendance at the TESHCOM (Tukwila Employee Safety and Health Committee) meetings. At these meetings arrangements are made to provide safety education for all City employees. TESHCOM also reviews accidents that have been reported and make recommendations as needed.

King County Fire Training Officers Association (KCFTOA)

The KCFTOA is a group of Training Officers and representatives from fire departments throughout King County. Membership is also extended to a number of active affiliates such as King County EMS, King County Medic 1, Bellevue Community College, King County OEM, Labor and Industries, Washington State Fire Service Training and many other Puget Sound-area fire departments and organizations.

By attending regular monthly meetings we are able to help make decisions that will influence the future education and direction of the fire service, both in King County and beyond.

Among the many areas of interest to the KCFTOA is the advancement of education and safety throughout the fire service. To this end, the organization offers the Officer Development Academy (ODA), accredited through Bellevue Community College, which provides vital training to aspiring and incumbent fire officers. This program is a model for officer training throughout the country.

Other educational opportunities offered by the Association throughout the year include; Advanced Pump Operator Academy, Chief Officer Development Academy, Extrication and Rescue Workshop and the Truck Academy.

For more information go to kcftoa.org


Intradepartmental Training

The TFD Training Division strives to maintain a balanced educational process. With such a diverse range of topics pulling at our personnel from all directions they need to maintain a baseline of proficiency in many different subjects.

At the forefront of all firefighter training, is keeping basic skills honed to allow for automatic action. On average our Tukwila line firefighter is training approximately 2 hours each working shift. Much of this is maintaining basic firefighting, EMS, Hazardous Materials and Special Rescue skills. This figure does not reflect time spent checking apparatus and equipment daily.

In basic firefighting alone, topics of study are limitless; from building construction and inspection techniques to how structures will react when exposed to heat or other outside forces. Not only hose lays and pump operations but what to do when things go bad. Fire control, building ventilation, scene preservation & investigation are just touching the surface of required firefighter skills. EMS, Hazardous Materials, Special Rescue and Fire Prevention areas can be similarly broken down into component parts. "Technician" level personnel in Hazardous Material and Special Rescue require an even higher level of training.

The TFD Training Division endeavors to insure that all firefighters maintain proficiency at operating and use of all fire department hand tools, power tools and specialized equipment.

The Training Division monitors firefighter certifications. Certification subjects include, but are not limited to: Emergency Vehicle Accident Prevention, Special Operations, HazMat, Technical & Confine Space Rescue, EMT, Firefighter 1, 2 and Fire Officer certifications, Firefighter Instructor and Incident Safety Officer.

After major incidents the TFD Training Division conducts a Post Incident Analysis. The purpose of this type of training is to study what worked well and what did not go well. We feel it is important to learn from our past actions.


Contact Information:

Tukwila Fire Department
Headquarters - Station 51
444 Andover Park East
Tukwila, WA 98188

Phone: 206 575-4404
Fax: 206 575-4439
Emergencies: Dial 911

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