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Manufacturing / Industrial Center Study  

MIC Update Approved

After holding a public hearing on June 13, 2011, the Tukwila City Council adopted Ordinances #2334 and #2335, amending the Manufacturing/Industrial Center element of the Comprehensive Plan and Chapters 18.36 and 18.38 of the Tukwila Municipal Code as recommended by the Tukwila Planning Commission.


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Industrial Lands and Uses - What do you think?

The City of Tukwila is identifying the key issues facing industrial businesses and lands in Tukwila's main industrial area, known as the Manufacturing/Industrial Center (MIC), to ensure that City policy, practice and land use regulations support existing and future industrial activity.

Tukwila's MIC covers approximately 966 acres along the Duwamish River. It is bounded generally by the City of Seattle on the north, South 125th Street on the south, the Burlington Northern railway right-of-way on the east, and the Duwamish River on the west. The MIC is home to more than 14, 000 jobs, and provides a significant portion of Tukwila's economic activity.

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The Manufacturing/Industrial Center is intended to preserve and enhance manufacturing and industrial activity, and the land resource on which industrial businesses operate. Tukwila's MIC is one of four such areas designated by King County.

City of Tukwila Comprehensive Plan policies support maintaining the industrial activities that currently operate in the Manufacturing/Industrial Center and developing new industrial activity in order to maximize employment and economic benefits to the people of Tukwila and the region, while minimizing impacts on residential neighborhoods.

The Zoning Code carries out the Comprehensive Plan policies in the MIC. It limits non-industrial uses, including office and retail, which may occur in the MIC, reserving the land primarily for industrial activities and businesses that support these uses. New housing is not permitted.

What do you think about Tukwila's Manufacturing/Industrial Center and industrial activity? We'd like to hear from Tukwila businesses and residents!


Background Information


Plans and Regulations Affecting the Manufacturing/Industrial Center

Additional Resources about Plans and Regulations Affecting the Manufacturing/Industrial Center:


Manufacturing/Industrial Area Study - Background Report

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