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Link Light Rail (Central Link)  

Information for Tukwila Citizens

Central Link light rail runs service between downtown Seattle and SeaTac Airport and stops in Tukwila at Tukwila International Boulevard Station. For more information and schedules please visit the Sound Transit website.


City of Tukwila Approves Noise Mitigation Measures Proposed by Sound Transit

February 2, 2012

The City of Tukwila has approved the noise mitigation measures proposed by Sound Transit, which include construction of Type 1 noise barriers along the Light Rail guideway south of the Duwamish River near S. 115th St. The noise variance to do night time work and the permit to start work on the construction of Type 1 noise barrier has also been issued. Sound Transit proposed to construct 2700 linear feet of Type 1 wall along the guideway in this location and the other three areas will continue to have Type 2 noise barriers. Additionally, Sound Transit has committed to maintaining the noise levels below federal limits in all areas.

For more information contact Minnie Dhaliwal, Planning Supervisor at 206-431-3685 or Minnie.Dhaliwal@tukwilawa.gov.


Noise Impact Study Information

Noise impacts associated with Light Rail were analyzed during the Unclassified Use Permit that was approved by Tukwila City Council in 2004. If any noise impacts were anticipated to the adjoining area they were mitigated by the installation of acoustic panels on the guideway and the construction of noise walls along the east side of the station. Additionally, the condition of the Unclassified Use Permit approval included noise and vibration monitoring for the three years from the start of the service.

Based on the first year's (2009) noise monitoring report federal noise standards were being exceeded along four locations. Subsequently, Sound Transit took some measures including track grinding, installing track lubricating devices and installing Type 2 acoustic barriers. Following these measures the second year's (2010) monitoring report showed that noise levels were below federal limits.

Subsequently in September 2011, Sound Transit proposed to install a Type 1 noise wall along the guideway south of the Duwamish River near S. 115th St and keep Type 2 noise walls in the other three areas.


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