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Tukwila Planning Division  

The Planning Division works with Tukwila residents, the business community and other affected constituencies and agencies in describing and illustrating goals and expectations for local government regulations, public improvements and services. The Plan is meant to be very broad in scope. It specifies not only what the various neighborhood and commercial areas of the City should look like, but also what type of public services and programs should be offered, what improvements should occur, when they should occur and generally how they should be financed.

The Comprehensive Plan becomes a reality primarily through Tukwila's annual budget and through enforcement of all City adopted codes and their standards. The Planning Division, who is responsible for the Comprehensive Plan, administers the annual amendment process, and monitors its citywide implementation.

The Planning Division also conducts environmental and design review on all new major development projects or remodels. The Division has primary responsibility for the following programs and areas of the Tukwila Municipal Code:

There are several points of notification during the review of new projects or major remodels. A Notice of Application is written notification to the public that the City has received a complete application from an applicant. Public review and comment may occur at any time up until the date of the final decision. Generally the last point at which the public may comment is at a public hearing for the project. Our Pending Development Proposals page lists projects that are currently under review by the Planning Division.

Below is the list of Planning Publications, Applications, & Fees. City Plans, studies, maps and Codes, which have been prepared by the City, are available at the office of the Department of Community Development. Also listed below are the various land use applications, such as short plats, conditional use permits, etc., and the attendant fees that may be required of project applicants.

The applications are packages of information that describe the required materials, fee, and decision criteria for the approvals in which you may be interested or are required of you in order to complete a development. Short handouts are also available so that you may quickly assess the various standards for signs or site development.

The following documents have been provided in PDF format viewable with Adobe Acrobat. The applications can be printed, completed, and mailed or brought into DCD, 6300 Southcenter Blvd., Tukwila, WA  98188. Completed applications will not be accepted over the internet. Call 206 431-3670 with questions. Additional permits not shown here are issued by the Public Works Department. Building Permit Applications available in the Permit Center.


Land Use Applications and Fee Schedule

On July 1, 2010 a new land use fee schedule took effect that sets application fees closer to the City's cost to provide development review services. Most permits will still have fixed application fees but more complex applications will have a retainer that covers a specified number of review hours with hourly fees for review time over that number.


Planning Documents & Fees



Environmentally Sensitive Areas TMC 18.45 None to download
Tukwila SEPA Regulations TMC Chapter 21 None to download
Sign Code TMC Chapter 19 None to download
Subdivision Ordinance TMC Chapter 17 None to download
Zoning Code TMC Chapter 18 None to download
Photocopies - first 10 are free .15 each
Oversize copies $1
Design Manuals
Multi-Family Design Manual No Fee
Parking Structure Design Manual No Fee
Tukwila International Bl. Design Manual $5
Townhouse Design Manual None to download
Calculating your Building Footprint No Fee
Guidance for Preparation of Wetland and Watercourse Studies No Fee
Parks and Fire Impact Fees No Fee
Public Notice Mailing Label Specifications (for applicants who wish to provide their own labels) No Fee
Public Notice Sign Specifications (for applicants who wish to provide their own notice signs) No Fee
Residential Short Plat Information Summary No Fee
Zoning Code Uses by Zone Summary No Fee
Zoning Map $4
Comprehensive Land Use Policy Plan $10
Manufacturing Industrial Center Strategic Implementation Plan $5
King County Shoreline Master Program $5
Tukwila Shoreline Master Plan $8
Tukwila International Bl. Revitalization Plan No Fee
Coal Mine Study $2
Geologic Hazard Study $3
Survey Templates
(the following files are for use with the AutoCAD program)

Contact Information:

Department of Community Development
6300 Southcenter Blvd., #100
Tukwila, WA 98188

Phone: 206 431-3670
Fax: 206 431-3665

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