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Tukwila Code Enforcement  

What Is Code Enforcement And Why Should I Care?

Are you bothered by your neighbor's pile of trash? Is there an apparently abandoned car parked on your street? Do you have questions about a construction project going on in your neighborhood? Have you noticed an empty building that is a safety/health hazard to children or others? Are your neighbor's weeds growing over the fence into your yard?

The City's Code Enforcement Officer answers questions and investigates complaints from citizens on a wide variety of issues. Depending on the nature of the complaint and the results of the investigation, the City can work with the property owner to improve the situation benefiting everyone. Usually a letter from the City requesting that the owner fix the problem is all that is needed. We have found that, with a gentle nudge from us, most citizens are happy to comply.


What Can You Do To Help?

Tukwila citizens can help by pitching in to keep our neighborhoods clean and presentable. It is up to all of us to become stewards of our community. Some things to think about:

UNDERSTAND the connection between crime prevention and neighborhood pride. Keeping our neighborhoods clean and neat has a direct effect on the level of crime it experiences.

ORGANIZE: Many community issues can be resolved easily if the neighbors know each other. By getting to know your neighbors and being aware of their circumstances, oftentimes nuisance complaints can be minimized. Your neighbor's pile of trash may be there because they are sloppy, or it might be a call for help. If you take the time to get to know your neighbors, an informal link may be created.

EDUCATE: Become familiar with City Codes (laws) and ordinances and learn how you can help the City monitor possible violations.

ATTEND City Council meetings, or contact your Council Members by phone or email, to let them know what you would like in the way of improvements or changes - in your neighborhood and the City at large.

PARTICIPATE in community celebrations and projects. There is no better way to meet your neighbors and express your enthusiasm for improvements than by participating in community events. The Tukwila Community Center offers classes and sponsors events such as Tukwila Days. There are many cultural performances presented at the Performing Arts Center at Foster High School and in other locations throughout the city.

VOLUNTEER to help out either on a one-time basis or regularly. Your volunteer help is so appreciated by many small community organizations.

BELIEVE that YOU can indeed make a difference and that - TOGETHER - we can improve the quality of life for ALL of us in Tukwila.


Contact Code Enforcement

The Department of Community Development's Code Enforcement division is available to help you solve problems in your neighborhood. We can work with neighborhood groups and individuals to make the improvements we all desire. Together we can make Tukwila an even greater place to live. Should you wish to report a problem, you can call our office at 206 431-3671 or click below to file your request online: (you may remain anonymous)

♦  Online Code Enforcement Request for Action Form


What should I contact Code Enforcement about?

  • ANIMALS:   If loose, vicious or dead, please contact King County Animal Control, 206 296-7387
  • BUILDINGS:   If Dangerous or abandoned, please contact Tukwila Code Enforcement, 206 431-3671
  • BUSINESS:   For commercial activity in residential zones, please contact Tukwila Code Enforcement, 206 431-3671
  • CONSTRUCTION:   For building/demolition permits, please contact Tukwila Building Department, 206 431-3670
  • GARBAGE:   For Trash, debris and litter info, please contact Tukwila Code Enforcement, 206 431-3671
  • JUNK/ABANDONED VEHICLES:   Tukwila Code Enforcement, 206 431-3671, Public Right-of-Way, Tukwila Police Department: 206 241-2121
  • NOISE:   From vehicles, persons, sound equipment, please contact Tukwila Police Department, 206 241-2121
  • PESTS:   For rodents/pest harborage, please contact Tukwila Code Enforcement, 206 431-3671
  • SIGNS:   For sign code violations, please contact Tukwila Code Enforcement, 206 431-3671
  • WEEDS:   For Overgrown weeds, please contact Tukwila Code Enforcement, 206 431-3671

Contact Information:

Department of Community Development
6300 Southcenter Blvd., #100
Tukwila, WA 98188

Phone: 206 431-3670
Fax: 206 431-3665

Email Planning Division

Email Building Division